Recreational Sports

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We want our coffee to be sourced from a small farm in Colombia and our tuna fish to be caught using only a hook and line air jordan shoes for sale. Likewise, the next generation of sports stars will be held to a higher standard of behaviour. We feel a bit silly for buying into the whole 'Tiger Woods Brand' thing that was built and sustained over more than a decade, air jordan on sale one in which he became the most commercially valuable athlete in the world. The problem was the gap between the perception and reality. "Brands should never be built with the intention of fooling the audience," air jordan sale says Phil de Picciotto, head of Octagon sports marketing agency. "People are too smart for that. That gap created a risk that over time became exposed very dramatically."

Many of sports' most famous people – with some notable exceptions – air jordan shoes for sale online stand for little more than consumerism, a point made recently when the Los Angeles Times carried a poignant reminder of what happens to even the greatest athlete brands: "By the time Joe DiMaggio had become a stooped, grey-haired man, more people knew him as Mr Coffee, spokesman for a home coffeemaker, air jordan for sale than as the Yankee Clipper, one of the most graceful centre fielders in baseball history."

Any attempt by Under Armour to 'spin' the Jordan Spieth brand will likely be judged very harshly by golf fans and early messages from the company suggest they are more than aware of this fact. "He was like apple pie with a golf club," Plank told ESPN after The Masters. "There was nothing more Americana than Jordan Spieth this weekend."

When he talks air jordan shoes sale, Spieth exudes sincerity and his life away from golf appears from a distance to be that of a well-adjusted and considerate human being. During his down time he volunteers at a special-needs school attended by his 15-year-old sister, air jordans for sale who was born with a neurological disorder. All of this lends his public persona an aura of substance, of someone of integrity who stands for more than selling t-shirts and shoes.

This is perhaps his greatest asset. At a time when global sports stardom reaps such huge financial rewards, the onus is on the lucky few to use their fame for good. His ability with a golf club has already made him rich beyond his wildest dreams, air jordans for sale cheap bringing a genuine freedom that few ever experience. Along with the two members of golf's latest great triumvirate, Spieth has the power to be more than just another bland ambassador.